‘Bang, Bang Garda Scum’ graffiti threat

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The ‘Journal’ has learned that an investigation is underway after threatening graffiti stating ‘Bang, Bang Garda Scum’ was sprayed on a fence at the home of a Donegal Garda.

Neighbours in the area in which the Garda - who is based in the Letterkenny area - live are concerned and frightened by the incident, which has shocked the local community.

It has emerged that house-to-house enquiries have taken place in the local area with a view to finding those responsible for the threat.

In pictures seen by the ‘Journal,’ graffiti stating: ‘Bang, Bang Garda Scum’ can be seen sprayed along the fence close to the Garda’s home.

It is understood the incident occurred on Hallowe’en night or in the early hours of November 1st.

It is also understood that the Garda or the Garda’s home has never been targeted before. However, the incident has raised much concern locally in what is a tight-knit community.

Investigations are underway into the incident but it is believed no arrests have yet been made.