Bar owner ‘delighted’ with Derry Girls mural

The owner of Badger’s Bar in Derry said the new ‘Derry Girls’ mural painted on the back of the bar has generated a lot of excitement and received a brilliant reception locally.

Wednesday, 30th January 2019, 10:13 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 7:47 pm
Derry graffiti artists UV Arts painting a mural of the lead characters of the Channel 4 comedy 'Derry Girls' on the wall of Badger's Bar, Orchard Street, Derry, to celebrate the return of the hit comedy. (Photo by Lorcan Doherty / Press Eye)

Hugh ‘Badger’ McDaid said that he was only too happy to oblige when he was contacted by those behind the show and asked whether they could use the wall at the back of the bar for the artwork.

The large mural depicts the five main cast members, and has been developed by Channel 4’s creative agency, 4Creative, with talented Derry not-for-profit social enterprise group, UV Arts, who use street art as a tool for social change.

Former Derry City F.C. chairman, Mr McDaid told the ‘Journal’: “They asked me back in November last year when they had been looking at a few different sites. We already had had a successful mural on the wall there previously but it later became scuffed. It was a pleasure to give it to Channel 4, especially with all the good feeling around ‘Derry Girls’, and it is great to be a part of it.”

Mr. McDaid said the creation of the mural has attracted many visitors to the area over the past few days. “There have been a lot of cameras and people coming along to see it,” he noted. “Everybody in the city is happy about it. It’s very good for tourism and it tells a story of something that is good about our city.

“It’s great that it is there for people passing by in the town and those,going down Orchard Street in the car and the bus, and I’m delighted to see it’s part of the tours now in the city.”

Praising the talented artists for their work, Mr. McDaid said that he, like the rest of the city, was a big fan of the show itself.“I never missed it when it was on and I am looking forward to the new series coming up,” he declared.

Local man Frankie McMenamin also praised the artists behind the work. He said: “It looks fantastic and they managed to do it despite the weather we have been having. There have been hundreds of people turning up to take photographs of it.

“Derry Girls is a great advertisement for Derry and the mural has created a big talking point and attraction for local people and for tourists.”

And the actors depicted are also chuffed, with local actress Saoirse-Monica Jackson, who plays Erin in ‘Derry Girls’, Tweeting: “Thanks so much to @uvartscic for bringing this incredible mural to my lovely hometown Derry”.

Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, who plays Michelle in the hit Channel 4 show, meanwhile Tweeted: “Amazing job folks, well done! Completely overwhelmed by it all.”