Barrier to be installed at KFC car park could help local residents

Smyth's Car Park on Strand Road, Derry. DER4614MC010
Smyth's Car Park on Strand Road, Derry. DER4614MC010

People living in the city’s Foyleview apartment block say the installation of a barrier at the entrance of a nearby car park will reduce the levels of anti-social behaviour in the area.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said he welcomed the decision to install a barrier close to the KFC Drive-Thru but was unhappy a barrier had not been installed at the entrance to the car park at Smyth’s toy store.

“It’s been an absolute nightmare living here at times,” said the resident. “I’ve lost count of how many times little boy racers gather in the car parks beside KFC and Smyth’s Toy Store - the noise can be really loud sometimes.

“I am delighted that there will be a barrier installed at the KFC car park but more needs to be done,” added the resident.

SDLP Derry and Strabane councillor, Shauna Cusack, said she had worked “relentlessly” on the issue of anti-social behaviour in the car parks over the years and was happy that a barrier would be installed in the coming days.

“Mark H. Durkan and I have been working relentlessly on this issue since the constituency office opened a few years ago here at Long’s, which is opposite the site,” said Colr. Cusack.

“Every week we were hearing the complaints and frustrating experiences of noise, sleep deprivation and even abuse endured by local residents from those parking up in the area late at night,” she added.

Colr. Cusack conceded that the installation of a barrier near KFC would not solve the issue entirely but said other plans were in the pipeline to reduce the possibility of anti-social behaviour occurring in the future.

“I am delighted for the residents of Foyleview that KFC has agreed to place a barrier at the entrance to their car park which is currently underway, this will give welcome relief to those residents.

“Second to that, the landlord for the remaining area affecting those facing the Strand Road has just confirmed the go ahead of a Smart Park system which will be installed next week to allow limited parking and record the details of all cars using the area.

“I have also pushed hard within council for the installation of 24 hr CCTV monitoring the section of road and car park which is currently being costed and of which I’m confident should receive full council approval in the new year.

“While the main car park is still accessible to the general public to use for periods, should there be any episodes of anti-social behaviour in future the perpetrators could either be on camera or their vehicle details already recorded,” said Colr. Cusack.