Bell X1 and a ‘not so Cool’ Discs store!

Bell X 1 give an exclusive performance for fans in Cool Discs. (1207PG62)
Bell X 1 give an exclusive performance for fans in Cool Discs. (1207PG62)

It’s pretty safe to say that the temperatures inside Derry’s independent music store Cool Discs were anything but cool on Thursday evening past.

Those of us lucky enough to have packed the record shop which was doubling up as an intimate venue for an exclusive Bell X1 gig for one evening only, knew just how lucky we were as we soaked up some top class songwriting with the sun on our backs.

It’s not the first time the Dublin group have graced the doors of the city centre shop and they aren’t the first live performers to have done so. Unarguably though, their most recent launch ‘Chop Chop’ - the purchase of which came with a free pass to this most special of little Derry gigs - is sublime.

Even in the sweltering heat, and with people traffic and actual traffic making its way along Foyle Street as the sun just refused to stop shining, this was an amazing performance,

It was a small put perfectly formed set of tunes. The highlights were, unquestionably, the final two offerings.

I’ve heard their current single ‘The End is Nigh’ described as the most upbeat tune ever about the end of the world. It is. In the same way as the beautiful ‘Do you realise’ from Oklahoma rockers the Flaming Lips, it is one of those masterpieces that makes you think of the entire world, and your place in it, for the three or so minutes it lasts for. That in itself is a mammoth accomplishment.

Another highlight of Thursday’s exclusive gig was the closing song ‘She’s a mystery to me.’ It was soft, seductive and just utterly pretty.

After that, and with the temperature of the shop surging into the high thirties, the gig came to an end. The affable Dubliners had given their all, and even hung around to sign albums for anyone who wanted it. Signing took place on the pavement outside.

The best things in life are free, and generally over before you know it. And so this event was.

This is what record stores are all about. Long live the independent record store around these parts in that case.