Big hearted move

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A big hearted Co Derry company has offered to come to the rescue of a 96 year-old Donegal pensioner who was robbed and assaulted in her home.

Heartless thieves stole a “substantial” amount of money from frail Margaret ‘Greta’ Lilly in an early morning robbery more more than a week ago. The elderly lady, who was punched and gagged by the vicious intruders said she was saving the money to have new windows put in her home.

As a gesture of good will Dungiven firm Compass Windows has now offered to install new windows throughout the victim’s home at Aghilly, Buncrana totally free of charge.

Stephen Smith of Compass Windows said the owner of the company, who did not wish to be named, believed it was a more than worthy cause.

“He heard it on the news and said that if it was windows the woman was saving for then we would provide them for her.

“He said that in the big scheme of things, it would be nothing to us but would mean a lot to the poor woman who had been put through such a terrible ordeal,” Mr Smith said.

Based on current prices the cost of the gesture could be worth up to £10,000 to the Co Derry firm.

Mr Smith said that staff from the company will this week approach the victim in an effort to help her out in the wake of the robbery.

“What happened to Mrs Lilly was absolutely ridiculous and we just want to help. The company’s owner is going to take a fitter down to Buncrana this week to see about doing the job,” Mr Smith added.

Meanwhile, Mrs Lilly is recovering in Beach Hill Manor Nursing Home at Lisfannon following her ordeal.

The attack caused outrage in Buncrana and throughout the North West.

Robbie Callaghan, her next-door neighbour said he and his wife Rosemary were entertaining friends at home when Mrs Lilly’s alarm was activated on the morning of the robbery.

Robbie, who is linked to Mrs Lilly by an Eircom alarm, rushed to the scene and found his neighbour terrified.

“The first thing I noticed was that the kitchen window was open and I knew that wasn’t right.

“All I heard then was this screaming and I called out her name and she recognised my voice. She then started screaming that she was robbed and attacked. When she opened the door she was holding her side and it looked like she had been hit on the face,” he revealed.

“I honestly thought she was dying. The screams were terrible.”