‘Big summer of fun’ for Moville

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Moville will buzzing this summer as the Summer of Fun hits town to coincide with the Irish Open Golf at Portrush and the ClipperRound-the-World yacht race which will come into Greencastle at the end of June and depart on July 7.

There will be eighteen days of fun starting with a taster Beatles weekend from June 28 to July 1 when the golf fans will be in town and the Clipper yachts arrive on the transatlantic leg from Nova Scotia.

Gerry McLaughlin, organiser of the Summer of Fun said:

“With the number of one-off visitors coming here it is an opportunity to give them a flavour of events that we put on annually such as Ireland’s only annual festival of Beatles music, the BeatlesFest on the Lough and what we are told is now the biggest festival of Bob Dylan music in Europe, Stuck Inside of Moville”.

The main DylanFest this year will take place from July 12th to 15th and the main BeatlesFest from August 16th to 19th.

However, Moville will be putting the taster Beatles weekend on the first weekend, the DylanFest in the mid-July weekend and a weekend of mixed Dylan and Beatles acts on the weekend when the Clipper yachts will be setting out on the last leg of the race from Greencastle.

They will also be putting on a series of music events in Moville and the Sean Ti in Greencastle during the week between when the yachts come and in and when they depart and more in the week between the departure of the yachts and the DylanFest.

“We thought it was important to put on a taster of our annual events rather than a one-off festival so that people who come here will know we have Beatles and Dylan festivals on every year and come back or at least tell friends about it,” explained Gerry.

“The good thing about the Beatles and Dylan is that you don’t have to sell the concept, the main thing is getting news out to the rest of the world that it is on in Moville – and this year is a great opportunity to do that”.

Further information about the acts on from July 28th to July 15th can be found at www.CraicOn.com/moville