Big Turnout for Moville’s Surge and Response

The community of Moville demonstrated their true resilience and spirit with a tremendous response to the Storm Exhibition and clean up on Saturday last in St. Eugene’s Hall.

The event, co-ordinated by Celebrate Water, involved the combined efforts of many local groups .

Over 100 people attended the exhibition and 70 people spent 2 hours on the shore cleaning up after the storms of early January. Over 150 bags of rubbish were gathered over a 2 km stretch of shoreline.

Video footage of the storm was provided by Anthony Craig and showed the aftermath of the storm surge that hit our shores. The audience were informed that the Council have already applied for €70,000 for repairs and Councillor Michael Doherty reassured the community that the money to fix the path will come eventually - it’s just a matter of time. Councillor Martin Farren also provided feedback on the Council’s response to the issue and highly commended the local FAS team for the essential repairs that have already taken place and clearing the path of debris.

Dr. Trish Murphy spoke on marine litter stating: “Marine litter can have devastating effects on our marine wildlife causing death through starvation when their stomachs are filled to capacity with plastic items, being trapped in litter or suffering from the toxic effects of plastic chemicals that scientists have now shown are getting into the tissues of these animals.”

William McElhinney from Celebrate Water thanked the community for such a great response to the call to action. He thanked the community for contributing photographs old and new and original artwork of the shore.”

A new leaflet on the Moville Shore Path was highlighted by Moville History Links member Conal Burgess .