Big turnout urged for ‘Sunday’ silence event

Detectives to begin re-interviewing Bloody Sunday witnesses.
Detectives to begin re-interviewing Bloody Sunday witnesses.

This Thursday, January 30, at 4 pm, a minute’s silence will take place at the Bloody Sunday monument on Rossville Street to mark the 42nd anniversary of the 1972 Bogside massacre in which 14 people lost their lives.

The Bloody Sunday Trust and the Pat Finucane Centre are urging people to make a special effort to attend this year’s memorial event at the monument.

A spokesperson said: “This year will be different. In the wake of Saville, we hear no more nonsense of phantom bombers or gunmen from British Government, media or unionist spokespersons about Bloody Sunday. But, sadly, there is still denial when it comes to accepting that hundreds more unarmed civilians were killed by the British Army/RUC in addition to those murdered on Bloody Sunday.

“The Haass talks collapsed, in part, because of the alleged ‘innocent victims’ lobby who perpetrate the myth that the only ‘innocent victims’ were those killed by the IRA. This year, brief but powerful contributions will be made by families from Belfast, Armagh, Tyrone and Derry both as a tribute to their loved ones and as a direct challenge to those who seek to create a hierarchy of victims depending on the perpetrator and the religion of the victim. All sides were responsible for killing unarmed civilians.”

Meanwhile, at 7.30pm, on Friday, January 31, in lieu of the annual Bloody Sunday lecture, a panel discussion will be held entitled, “Dealing with the Haass?”, which will look at the Haass proposals and why they have proved so controversial and “hard to swallow for some”. The event is free. It will take place in the Foyle Drama Theatre of the NWRC, Strand Road.

For more information, contact the Bloody Sunday Trust on 71 360880 or the Pat Finucane Centre on 71 268846.