‘Bike General’ tackles 50-hour french cycle

Ciaran O'Hara from Greysteel during training.
Ciaran O'Hara from Greysteel during training.

Greysteel man Ciaran O’Hara loves cycling, so much so he recently quit his job as an engineer to open a bike shop.

Not only that, but the 27-year-old is also preparing to spend 50-hours solid on a bike when he takes on a gruelling 750 miles with only 90 hours to qualify in the Paris-Brest-Paris long distance cycle.

“I’ve been back on my bike all summer training hard for a big race in Paris on August 16th and I recently cycled from London to Greysteel, a distance of 734km in just under 40 hours,” said Ciaran, who is known by cyclist friends as the “Bike General” because he’s so good at organising events.

The dream for Ciaran is to become a professional part-time professional endurance. He said the Paris, along with along with thousands of cyclists from around the world will be his first big test, but he is looking forward to the challenge. While most people would be sore after just an hour on a bike, Ciaran said he isn’t too worried about that.

“If the bike fits your body and you have the correct saddle, it works,” he said, explaining carrying crucial provisions and equipment requires meticulous planning. Ciaran said that isn’t a huge worry as there are plenty of polaces to stop along the route to pick up supplies, although he points out it all adds to the time so he will have to be efficient with the stops he makes. Ciaran said the bike shop called ‘The Bike General’ is keeping him busy, adding: “It’s really taken off,” he said.

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