Bill Turnbull buzzing about visit to Derry on Friday morning

Bill Turnbull
Bill Turnbull

BBC Breakfast presenter and President of the Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers, Bill Turnbull will visit Eglinton Primary School on Friday to showcase a host of live bees that have been installed in a glass observational hide.

Pupils at Eglinton Primary school are taking part in the ‘Culture of Bees and Us’ project which has educated them on the importance of bees and working with artist Eleanor Wheeler they have created clay bees to contribute to an art installation called ‘Honeybee Democracy’.

This ‘swarm’ of 2013 bees created by 10 schools, will move from cultural venue to cultural venue until it finds its final resting place. Now they also have the added delight of not only meeting Bill, who is an avid bee keeper, but also to view live bees at work on their honeycombs.

Bill Turnbull speaking ahead of the visit said: “I am excited about visiting the school with the observation hive and hearing what the children have learned. We hope that through this project the value of the honeybee to our society will have been impressed upon these young minds.”

Bill is visiting the City as part of the ‘Culture of Bees and Us’ project, a partnership initiative between Derry City Council, the Derry & District Beekeepers, Roe Valley Beekeepers Association and The Institute of Northern Ireland Beekeepers. The project celebrates the symbolic, historical and cultural importance of bees, their products and us.

Mayor Cllr. Martin Reilly, who is hosting a reception for the project participants, said he was delighted the BBC presenter was coming to the city.

For more information on the ‘Culture of Bees and Us’ project