Bishop Edward Daly: Gregory Campbell pays tribute

Gregory Campbell MP. Right: Bishop Edward Daly.
Gregory Campbell MP. Right: Bishop Edward Daly.

East Derry MP Gregory Campbell has paid tribute to the retired Bishop of Derry, Dr. Edward Daly, who died this morning.

The DUP MP spoke in particular of Bishop Daly’s charity work.

“I’ve known Bishop Edward Daly, probably 30 years, more or less since I came into politics,” Mr. Campbell told the ‘Journal’.

“Obviously, he was a Catholic bishop and I was a unionist politician so, on political issues we would have differed, but I always found him to be exceptionally considerate and very dedicated to charitable work, such as the Foyle Hospice.

“He was very attentive not just to his parishioners, but to people across Northern Ireland, and I am sure he will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him, including his family.”