Bishop Street bombers have ‘morals of Col. Gadaffi’

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Those behind the Bishop Street bomb attack are “pathetically inadequate when it comes to the department of thought”, according to a founding father of Derry’s Civil Rights movement.

Eamon Melaugh, a founding member of the NICRA, was one of those who had to be evacuated from a sheltered housing project because of the attack. He called on those responsible to explain their actions.

Mr Melaugh said there should be an open debate with those behind the attack, who he described as having “the morals of Col. Gadaffi and intellectual capability of a maggot.”

A well-known charity fundraiser, 79 year-old Mr Melaugh was among the 46 residents of Alexander House on Bishop Street who were evacuated. as a result of the bomb attack.

“ This is the sixth time I’ve had to leave my house due to the insensitivity of others. We should be allowed a bit of peace and quiet at this stage in our lives.”

Speaking directly to the bombers, he said: “What have these people got to lose by coming and explaining to us their motives and what they hope to achieve? Where is this campaign taking us?”

He said those responsible should gauge support for their campaign by standing in the forthcoming local elections. “Let them fight every seat in the council elections. Let them put their campaign to the test of public vote. Everyone of them will lose their deposits.”