Bloody Sunday:Campaign for truth goes on

Bloody Sunday
Bloody Sunday

Families of those murdered on Bloody Sunday say their campaign to win “full truth and justice” will go on.

Speaking at a rally at Guildhall Square on Saturday afternoon, Eamonn McCann said the “run-down” of a new police inquiry into the 1972 massacre was “just the latest episode in the British State’s avoidance of the truth about its own role in the Troubles.”

Last week, it emerged that the PSNI’s murder inquiry into the Bogside deaths was being scaled back due to budget cuts.

Mr. McCann said the new investigation was supposed to be stand-alone.

“But now it’s to take by far the biggest hit in the cut-backs in policing,” he told Saturday’s rally. “This makes the political priorities of policing clear.”

He added: “If the powers-that-be were truly sorry for Bloody Sunday, there would be no question of scaling the investigation down. What hope is there now for truth and justice for the families of those shot down by the Paras in Ballymurphy six months before Bloody Sunday or the families of the two men murdered by Paras in the Shankill eight months later?

“What we have here is the same cover-up strategy seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, anywhere that soldiers from major powers are exposed for killing innocent civilians.”

The decision to cut back the inquiry is set to be challenged in the courts.