Bloody Sunday soldier death: Family calls for swift decision on prosecutions

The family of one of those killed on Bloody Sunday has called on the Public Prosecution Service to ‘proceed quickly’ with a decision about prosecutions.

Friday, 25th January 2019, 12:16 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 7:06 pm
Kate Nash addresses marchers at Free Derry Corner. (3101PG95)

Kate Nash, whose 19-year-old brother William was killed and her father Alex injured on Bloody Sunday, made the call after she was informed one of the former paratroopers had died.

Solicitors acting for ‘Soldier N’ informed the PPS of his death last week.

The news comes just days before the 47th anniversary of Bloody Sunday

Thirteen people were shot dead when members of the Parachute Regiment opened fire on civil rights demonstrators in Derry in 1972.

A fourteenth person died later.

In an email sent to some of the families of the dead and wounded, the PPS said “We don’t have any reason to doubt the information we’ve been given but I had directed the police to get some formal proof of that (a death certificate) and was waiting on that before alerting the families.”

Ms Nash said she is ‘disappointed’ at the news that Soldier N has died before the PPS has reached a decision about prosecutions.

She said his evidence ‘would have been important’ if a decision is taken to prosecute soldiers over Bloody Sunday.

Such a decision is expected to be made by the end of February.

Ms Nash told the ‘Journal’: “I understand we are all getting old and that is why I would encourage the PPS to proceed quickly with a decision.

“It would do this town so much good if they thought there was justice for Bloody Sunday. There are still so many people in this city that are deeply affected by it”, she added.

She said that ‘time is of the essence’ for the families of those killed and wounded

“We are all getting older and it could happen to me or to any of us. I want to finish this. It is important to me to finish this.”