Blucher Street residents ‘want peace’

Local Sinn Fein councillor, Colly Kelly, pictured in Blucher Street earlier this week.
Local Sinn Fein councillor, Colly Kelly, pictured in Blucher Street earlier this week.

Residents in the Blucher Street area of the Bogside are calling for an extension of a fence on top of a wall that is at the end of the laneway which runs behind their homes.

The residents’ calls come after a rise in anti-community activity particularly at the weekends with young people climbing over the low level wall to gain access to the laneway.

Some local people have reporter young people taking part in underage drinking and underage sex.

Local Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly who has been dealing with the issue said whilst a set of gates were installed a few years ago to help combat anti-community behaviour more action was needed to appease the minds of the residents.

“A number of years ago gates were installed at both ends of the street and this greatly reduced the problems with anti-community activity, bins being stolen and night-time noise with young people running up and down the laneway late on.

“Residents have told me that all sorts of carry on is taking place in the laneway at night, drinking, drugs and they expressed fears over the personal safety issues for young girls. “Many of the residents have been living in this street for years and don’t need to be putting up with this.”

Colr. Kelly added: “The problem is that young people are gaining access to the laneway by just stepping up on a smaller wall and it’s very easy to get over it. I have now carried out a petition with residents to see if we can get the wall made higher or a small fence added along it to take away the easy access,” he said.

Speaking to the Derry Journal a local resident, who did not want to be named said due to the high number of older people living in the Blucher Street area they want the anti-community behaviour to stop and they want they issue of the wall resolved as soon as possible.

“All we want to do is live and peace and quiet,” said the resident.

“It’s a settled community here with many long term and elderly residents .

“We hope this can be resolved as soon as possible because no one wants to be living like this.”