Bob Mullan aids Mongol Rally girls

Bob Mullan Presenting a Nissan Micra to the Girls. 'From left:  Elaine Taylor,Aoife Raleigh,Roisin Mohen, Bob Mullan'Photo - Neil Mellon
Bob Mullan Presenting a Nissan Micra to the Girls. 'From left: Elaine Taylor,Aoife Raleigh,Roisin Mohen, Bob Mullan'Photo - Neil Mellon

A local car dealer has come to the rescue of three girls planning a charity drive across 10,000 miles and 18 countries.

Bob Mullan, of Bob Mullan Motors in Campsie has donated a car to the Taillte Tank Girls - a trio including Limavady woman Elaine Taylor who are to take part in the gruelling Mongol Rally.

Along with two co-adventurers, 26 year-old artist Elaine has formed an all-girl team called the Tailte Tank Girls to take on the challenge spanning a third of the Earth’s surface. The Mongol Rally is a rally organised by ‘The Adventurists’ which involves driving a car with an engine no bigger than 1.2 litres all the way from Britain to Ulan Batar in Mongolia. Each team will travel 10,000 miles of adventuring bliss through testing terrain including deserts, mountains and steppe, but completely unaided to raise money for charities.

Elaine told the ‘Journal’ that she and travelling companions, Co Meath electrical engineer Aoife Raleigh and Co Down youth and community worker Roisin Mohan, have been “fundraising like mad” for the past five months to raise money for their chosen charities Homeplus in Belfast and global charity, Cool Earth. However, up until this week they had still not secured a vehicle in order to take part in the race of a lifetime.

Cue local car dealer Bob Mullan, who was quick to support the girls’ charity drive by donating a Nissan Micra.

Elaine said: “This is such a break for us as we have been fundraising like mad things for the last five months and struggling to reach our target. Now the kind folks at Bob Mullan Motors have donated a Nissan Micra.

“The car will be donated to Mongolian charities when we arrive there and so far we have raised a heap of money for charities here too. It shows what can be done with perseverance, hard work and a thirst for adventure,” she added.

A Nissan Micra is perfect for the race as the rules state that the vehicle must meet the requirements of having less than a 2ltr engine, but be no older than 2004.

With just over eight weeks to go until the big push across Europe and Asia, the only all female team from Ireland taking part is putting the finishing touches to the preparations.

“The journey will take us through 18 countries, beginning in Ireland and taking in England, France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Mongolia. The route is entirely our own design, and no help will be provided by the organisers along the way.”

The girls are appealing for sponsors and donations to help with the event. Anyone keen to offer support to the Tailte Tank Girls should email