Bodybuilder Lesley Ann prepares for Las Vegas competition

Lesley Ann Armstrong.
Lesley Ann Armstrong.
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She trains twice a day six days a week, survives on a diet of chicken, porridge and vegetables and doesn’t drink alcohol.

But Derry woman Lesley Ann Armstrong couldn’t he happier.

Because come August 15, she will be travelling to Las Vegas to compete in the prestigious World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Show.

The WBFF are the fastest growing fitness and beauty organization in the industry when the best of the best pros and amateurs from across the world will converge on the stage for unprecedented glamour and excitement.

A bodybuilder for the past five years Lesley Ann endures a tough six day schedule to keep herself in shape.

She wakes at 3.30 a.m. each morning to do her cardio workouts before starting work as a personal trainer at 5 a.m. at Extreme Fitness .

“I was someone who always like going to the gym,” she said.

“But I decided to start bodybuilding after looking at pictures of other woman who had done it. I wanted to look like that.”

Previously Lesley Ann has taken part in the NABBA championships.

However in Las Vegas Lesley Ann will be taking part in the Figure Class.

“WBFF is more about beauty and fitness,” explained Lesley Ann. “It is more feminine. And that’s important. I do have a lot of muscle, but I still look very feminine.

“There are girls who tell me all the time they’d love to have my legs and my figure.

“But I have to put a lot into it. I train constantly, I never stop. Every day is the same routine and I eat the same foods.

“But I love it and that makes it easier to dedicate so much time to it.”

The trip to Las Vegas, she admits, will be the first time she’s been anywhere.

“I’ll compete on the amateur competition on the 15th but if I win I can get into the professional competition which is on the next day. There’ll be a lot of training to do in the months ahead.

“I’ll be eating, sleeping and living for these championships. One of my clients is going to come with me and I’m hoping my dad will be there to support me as well.

To getting to Las Vegas Lesley Ann needs help from local businesses who may be in a position to sponsor her. If you can help Lesley Ann you can contact her on 07593923407.