Bogside Artists are ‘Artists of Reconciliation 2011’

The Bogside Artists. (180708IC)
The Bogside Artists. (180708IC)

The Bogside Artists will travel to Austria later this summer as special guests of the Art of Reconciliation Project Vordernberg 2011.

An art project entitled ‘Artists of Reconciliation’ will be the annual highlight of this global project for reconciliation.

The three well-known Derry artists, Tom Kelly, William Kelly and Kevin Hasson, will travel to Vordernberg in September where they will live and work for two weeks in the village of Vordernberg, creating a special mural to depict their emotions on the Troubles and their views on the need for personal reconciliation.

They will also participate in debates and lectures on how they managed to pass on the message of reconciliation in the own lives and community. “We are honoured indeed to have been invited,” said the Bogside Artists.

Their mural will be unveiled on September 24 in the presence of the Duchess and Duke of Montrose, John Hume (via video link) and other national and international dignitaries.

It will then be exhibited in Vordernberg until October 22, 2011.

Derry’s Nobel Peace Prize-winner John Hume will be this year’s patron of the artists of reconciliation and will participate in the final stages of this project via video link.

Globally recognised as the only person in history to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, the Dr. Martin Luther King Peace Prize and the Mathma Gandhi Peace Prize, Mr Hume was also voted the most important personality in the History of Ireland and sat in three different parliaments as a political leader.

The project’s website states: “These Artists of Reconciliation as our first ambassadors in Vordernberg is more than just sensational but is also a historical start for us.”