Bomb found in Derry security alert

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Police say the device which sparked a security alert in Derry early this morning was viable.

The alert in Drumleck Drive began shortly after midnight when the suspicious object was discovered.

A number of residents were evacuated from their homes and British Army bomb experts were tasked to the scene.

Police say the device was made safe and was taken away for further examination.

Derry’s MP Mark Durkan has condemned those responsible.

“Those responsible for leaving this viable device were out to cause damage and if they couldn’t cause damage they certainly wanted to cause disruption to the many people who live nearby.

“It was carried out with malice and all the worst possible fallout with calculation and forethought from those involved.

“Once again those behind this attack are just damaging the people of Derry – they are advancing no cause or argument by this and are just bringing distress and disruption to the people of this city.”

Local Sinn Fein councillor Tony Hassan says whoever is responsible “needs to stop and take stock of their actions.”

“They have endangered all those families who live in this street and put all those in the vicinity at serious risk,” he says.

“Those responsible cannot be allowed to endanger life again with such callous disregard for this community.

“It is obvious that the people behind leaving such devices are out of touch with the will of the vast majority of the people of the Shantallow area who want to move forward without this type of disruption.”