Boost in ‘economic’ planning applications

Planning applications for Inishowen in the first three months of this year may suggest some tentative signs of economic recovery,

At the recent Inishowen Municipal District meeting, council planner Fran Horkan revealed figures which showed that Inishowen had 87 planning applications between January 1st and March 31st. 50 of these were granted, two were refused and 18 were deferred. 20 of the applications were invalid. Inishowen also had the second highest number of applications, coming in behind Donegal with 108.

In response, Councillor Albert Doherty asked Ms Horkan if this suggested there had been a “reawakening and revamping” in the business world in Inishowen.

She replied that there had been a “change in the nature” of the applications and the council was receiving a “mixed bag.”

She said while previously, many applications related to housing or agriculture , they were now “certainly” more economic proposals including change of use and expansion.

Councillor John Ryan said it was “positive” to find there as a change in “more economically focused” applications,

Councillor Rena Donaghey questioned why Inishowen had such a high number of invalid application.

Ms Horkan replied that the council was “still encountering difficulties” with a number of application they received.