‘Boy racer’ antics cause anger among rural Newline residents

Tyre marks left by vehicles driven at high speed on the Newline Road at the weekend, just off the barnault Road in Limavady. (2307SJ20
Tyre marks left by vehicles driven at high speed on the Newline Road at the weekend, just off the barnault Road in Limavady. (2307SJ20

‘Boy racers’ speeding along country roads outside Limavady are causing upset among residents who claim their antics are putting lives at risk.

The latest spate of racing occurred in the quiet Newline Road area on Sunday evening.

One resident spoke of his and his neighbours’ frustration.

“It has been going on now for a few weeks again after a break of a few years. Neighbours have been in touch by telephone to warn us to be careful and other friends have talked about similar incidents in neighbouring areas,” said the resident.

The man said the anti social behaviour was happening on a “pretty random” basis, and on Sunday evening it lasted for approximately 30 minutes.

“A neighbour contacted me on social media, via Facebook, to say they had just passed his house at speeds he estimated to be of up to 100mph but, before Sunday night, it was maybe a couple of weeks ago when it happened,” he said. “There is only ever one of two cars involved.”

The resident said family members had been caught up in a speeding incident in the area some years ago.

“It was about four years ago on the same lane and a car ploughed straight into two family members on the main Newline Road,” he said. “They were in my father’s car, which is lucky because they could have been killed if they were in a smaller car.”

There have also been reports of speeding and racing in other parts of the borough, including outside the Largy area.

The man made this appeal to anyone involved up in such “reckless” behaviour.

“I guess I would tell the people responsible for this to stop it now, as they are developing a lot of anger within the people around them,” he said.

“People here are generally easy going and let others get on with their lives, but the young fellas responsible need to understand that people will take notice when their family are put at risk. They are isolating themselves from others and need to have a think about the potential of their actions.”

Local SDLP councillor Orla Beattie blasted those involved.

“I think with the good weather young people think it’s a bit of fun but they don’t realise the dangers they’re putting themselves and others in,” said Colr. Beattie.

“The noise is a nuisance for people, especially older people, in the rural areas. They’d be frightened of approaching people involved and say ‘move on’ because they fear they may get a mouthful of abuse.

“People need to be considerate of residents but most of all it’s dangerous, and they need to exercise common sense before it’s too late and someone is hurt, or worse.”