Boyle labels car fire culprits as ‘unthinking idiots’

John Boyle.
John Boyle.

SDLP Northland/Foyleside candidate John Boyle has condemned those responsible for stealing a car and setting it on fire close to a number of homes in the city.

Mr. Boyle was speaking after police in Derry confirmed they had arrested an 18 year-old in the Ringfort Road area of the city after a car, which was believed to have been stolen, clipped a kerb, hit a fence and caught fire in the Whitehouse Road area at approximately 5.30am.

“The people who stole a car and subsequently set it on fire close to a family home in the Whitehouse Park are area unthinking idiots of the highest magnitude.

“This sort criminal activity puts the lives of other road users in severe danger and in this instance the thieves have compounded this by risking lives in a built up area by setting the vehicle on fire.

“No words are strong enough in condemning this sort of behaviour and it is only by good fortune that nobody was injured.”

Mr. Boyle urged anyone with information in connection to the incident to contact police.

“I appeal to anyone with information about this incident to contact police. These selfish and thoughtless people must be apprehended before they kill or injure someone.”