Boyracers distressing residents with modified exhausts may have vehicles seized, police warn

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Boyracers who ‘cruise’ the city centre and Strand Road areas of Derry with excessively noisy modified exhaust systems risk having their vehicles seized, police have warned.

Motorists with blacked-out windows also risk prosecution, it’s been confirmed.

Police issued the warnings after being inundated by complaints from residents of the cityside infuriated by the ‘selfish’ behaviour of late night motorists.

In a statement the PSNI at Strand Road confirmed that its neighbourhood policing teams in the Foyleside and The Moor policing areas have “continually received complaints from residents of Strand Road and the city centre in relation to modified vehicles and the excessive noise that they have been making”.

Police warned motorists “cruising” in the city centre that they have an obligation to do so legally.

“We have warned drivers in relation to them causing alarm and distress to the public and if they repeat this selfish behaviour, police will be seizing their vehicles,” said the PSNI.

“We have also taken enforcement action against a number of motorists in relation to heavily tinted glass.

“If your front windows or windscreen allow less than 70 per cent of light through, the tint is illegal and police have the technology to act on this.

“We are not trying to stop people enjoying their motoring, but if you can’t see through your windscreen you are endangering yourself and other road users particularly pedestrians.

“Call the team if you are in any doubt on 101,” the PSNI added.