Brand Limavady with Danny Boy - says Councillor Brolly

Limavady Borough Council is continuing its investigations into the possibility of playing the world famous tune of Danny Boy in the town centre, daily. 

Sinn Fein councillor Anne Brolly is pushing ahead with the idea which she said had generated publicity world wide. 

Director of Development Services, Valerie Richmond said staff were looking at costs associated with such a move, including a new sound system costing in the region of £11,000. She said there was a lot of work involved and costs could amount up. 

Colr. Brolly however, believes the huge opportunity needs to be seized 

“We could brand Limavady with it,” she said. “No one else has got what we got. We should pursue this.” 

SDLP Colr. Gerry Mullan said he appreciated what Colr Brolly had to say, but claimed it was “too little, too late”. 

“There has been more than one opportunity missed,” he said. 

Weighing into the discussion was DUP Colr. George Robinson who asked about getting more country music acts to play in the town, in particular having BBC personality Hugo Duncan in the town for an outside broadcast. 

Members were told there was no reason Council couldn’t explore how to get the showbiz personality in the Roe Valley.