Bride Eileen is a double world record ‘breaker’

Eileen Henderson is doing well after breaking her hip during the 'Brides Across the Bridge' event.
Eileen Henderson is doing well after breaking her hip during the 'Brides Across the Bridge' event.

Waterside woman, Eileen Henderson has more reason than most to remember last weekend’s Brides Across the Bridge record breaking event in aid of the Foyle Hospice as she had an unscheduled break of her own and ended up in hospital with a fractured hip.

Eileen, from Summer Meadows fell on the Peace Bridge as she and a group of friends completed the walk across the bridge, the finale to the hugely successful bridal extravaganza.

But she said she was lucky to have so many of her friends on hand who looked after her following the unfortunate slip.

The Journal’s assistant news editor Mary McLaughlin played good samaritan and accompanied Eileen to hospital with the attentive St John Ambulance volunteers. And the two women braved the strange looks they received from the other people in the waiting room when they arrived at the A and E department in their wedding dresses and veils.

A nurse herself, Eileen says she knew immediately she was in trouble when she couldn’t get up after her tumble.

Her worst fears were realised when an x-ray at Altnagelvin Hospital revealed her hip was broken and she had to undergo an operation on Saturday night to repair the damage.

Staying with the bridal theme, Eileen and her husband Bobby celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary in hospital last Sunday as she recovered from her operation. And she was delighted when staff from the Foyle Hospice visited her in hospital to give her a bunch of flowers and wish her a speedy recovery.

Despite her unlucky break Eileen says she really enjoyed the record breaking Brides Across the Bridge event.

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