British Govt. leaping '˜into the dark' with Brexit - McGuinness

The British government has 'no plan and no idea' what Brexit means, Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has said.

Monday, 3rd October 2016, 5:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:33 pm
Prime Minister Theresa May pictured with deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness at Stormont Castle, Belfast, during her first official visit to Northern Ireland back in July. (Photo by Jonathan Porter / Press Eye)

The Foyle MLA likened confirmation at the weekend that the UK government will press ahead with triggering Article 50 and exiting the European Union to “taking a leap into the dark”.

Mr McGuinness was responding to comments made by British Prime Minister Teresa May that she will trigger negotiations on Brexit before the end of March 2017.

The Derry and Donegal region is widely regarded as being one of the border areas which will be most affected by Brexit.

Mr McGuinness said: “The issue of when the British government will actually trigger Brexit continues to be a movable feast.

“Theresa May has also made a U-turn on comments she made before the referendum when she said it was inconceivable to suggest a Leave vote would not have a negative impact on the border.

“The reality is that the British government is taking a leap into the dark with no plan and no idea what Brexit means.”

He added: “What is clear is there is no good outcome from Brexit.

“The people of the North voted to stay in the EU. That vote must be recognised and respected in any negotiations.”