Bronagh's third album launches this month with Forum gig

Best known for her big movie roles, Bronagh Gallagher has also carved out a successful music career in recent years.

Thursday, 12th May 2016, 8:45 am
Updated Thursday, 12th May 2016, 10:47 am
Bronagh Gallagher.

Her third album ‘Gather your Greatness’ launches at the end of May, with a concert at the Millennium Forum in June, and it’s an album she describes as ‘cinematic’.

Her genre would generally be classed as soul, and her songs always have a sense of storytelling.

This third album is no exception but Bronagh admits that the creative process was much more difficult.

“This is my second album in five years and it’s hard to believe it’s finished.

“I’m exhausted, because creating your own work is all consuming.

“It’s mad to be looking at something you’ve created from nothing, but feedback has been very positive so far.”

Talking about the writing process Bronagh says, “I’m a lyricist, and I add most of the music too, but I collaborated closely with Conor, my guitar player, this time.

“I take notes about things I want to sing about, snippets from my friends’ lives, situations I notice.

“But they’re all in this hard drive in my head, and it’s about getting these scenarios out.

“Then my composer friend Cian came on board with a wonderful string section.”

This string addition makes the album a bold statement, adding depth to Bronagh’s velvet tones and soaring voice.

It has the cinematic feel Bronagh was channelling, and is a beautiful listen as a result.

“I feel my first album has an innocence about it, focusing on characters, friendship and love.

“‘Gather Your Greatness’ is more spiritual, I guess. Questioning what life is about, and finding contentment.

“It’s about realising that life is what you make it, you can’t rely on other people; a job; or money, to make you happy.

“The older I get it’s apparent that living without fear; not being afraid of starting from scratch and taking one day at a time is important.

“Of course I still get frightened and scared but life is too short. Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Throughout the conversation Bronagh is self-deprecating; humble.

“Music can enlighten and enbalm you, lift you out of a mood, so when people come up to me and say my music has helped them, that is gold.

“I think more about that than the ‘big break’.

She laughs when she’s reminded that she’s internationally known for her acting especially, and has had many a ‘big break’.

And her feet are firmly rooted in Derry, where her parents still live.

“I’m up all the time, and this small tour starts in the Millennium Forum.

“I’m really looking forward to it, everyone at home is so supportive.”

Just back from New York where she was shooting a Colm Toibin movie alongside Nina Hoss and Stellan Skarsgard, Bronagh is now enjoying the lull ahead of the promotion for Gather Your Greatness.

“We toured for two and a half years with the last record, which was great for an independent, so there is pressure ahead.”

With her positive outlook and a solid album at her feet, it seems that ‘big break’ Bronagh isn’t chasing, may just lie around the corner regardless.

Bronagh Gallagher and her band will perform at the Millennium Forum on Saturday 11th June. Tickets are on sale from the Box Office. Telephone 71 264455 or visit The album is available through