Bronze Age find in Bridgend

A stone hammer, thought to be from the Bronze Age, has been found in Bridgend.

Friday, 15th April 2016, 9:31 am
Updated Friday, 15th April 2016, 9:33 am
Michael, Charles and Aoife Doherty pictured with the hammer found in Bridgend.

Charles Doherty and his children Michael and Aoife, recently handed in the significant historical find to the Donegal County Museum, who are “absolutely delighted.”

Mr Doherty told the Journal he had been fencing in a field when, ironically, he turned around to find a hammer he’d been using.

He said: “I didn’t expect to come across one from the Bronze Age. I turned to look for my hammer when I noticed this stone. It caught my eye because it looked unusual. There was mud in the middle of it. I was curious so I dug the mud out a wee bit and saw there was a hole straight through it. I knew then it was definitely something different.”

Charles showed the hammer to his children and they all then went to the Internet to investigate. The find proved a great historical lesson not only for Charles’ children but also for their classmates at St Aengus National School in Bridgend, who learned all about it.

Charles then handed the stone hammer into the county museum. Under law, an artefact such as this has to be reported and handed in to the relevant authorities under the National Monuments Act. Charles said he was more than happy to hand it over, as it is something “everyone should see.”

Caroline Carr, of Donegal County Museum said they were “absolutely delighted” and added that “every little piece is important. It all adds to the archaeological importance and significance of the county.”

She added that the stone hammer is thought to be from the Bronze Age was a “wonderful example.” She said it will go on display soon in the museum.

Mr Doherty said he has been wondering about the person who had been working on the lands with the stone hammer.

He said: “You do wonder who used it last and when. Who was the last person who left that hammer down? “

-If you find an item of historical importance, such as that found by Mr Doherty, please note it has to be reported and handed in to the relevant authorities under the National Monuments Act.

These relevant authorities are the National Museum, the Gardai or in Donegal, the Donegal County Museum. A number or events will be taking place in Donegal County Museum in the coming weeks, as they do throughout the year.

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