Bulky lift next week in Marlborough and Beechwood

Derry City Council and the Triax Neighbourhood Management Team join forces next week to co-ordinate a bulky lift in the Marlborough and Beechwood Avenue areas.

Speaking prior to the launch of the bulky lift Colm Barton, Development Worker with the Triax Neighbourhood Management Team said; “Each year we work with Derry City Council to ensure that residents have the opportunity to dispose of household items and rubbish in a responsible manner and this year is no different.

“Summer is a notoriously difficult time for people to get rid of the extra rubbish that accumulates and we are delighted that Derry City Council, and James McIvor in particular, is working with us to address this problem.

“The last thing anyone wants to see is illegal dumping in our streets and lanes and this initiative removes any excuse for that behaviour.”

Mr Barton also reminded peole that they can dispose of rubbish responsibly at any time of the year by using the Derry City Council collection service; “Whilst this initiative is taking place in the Triax area, with collections in the Marlborough, Beechwood Avenue, and Creggan Hill areas I would urge anyone with excess rubbish to avail of the excellent services provided by Derry City Council, either through the Civic Recycling sites or the ongoing bulky lift programme.”

The community worker added. “Wednesday 7th September will see collections in the Beechwood Avenue, Marlborough Road, Helen Street, Kerr’s Terrace, Marlborough Avenue, Oakfield Drive, Oakfield Crescent, Marlborough Street, and Creggan Hill area.

“Everyone in the area will receive a leaflet and if anyone has queries please do not hesitate to contact myself on 02871 261916.”