Buncrana bother

Inishowen’s District Judge has said he is becoming “very worried” about the growing number of public order offences occurring on Buncrana Main Street

His comments come after claims this week at a meeting of Joint Policing Committee that crime in the town is down.

Speaking in Buncrana District Court on Tuesday, Judge Paul Kelly admitted he was concerned about the number of public order cases being brought before him in the Inishowen town.

He added: “It seems to be a regular occurrence of public order offences on Buncrana Main Street.”

Following a number of separate public order offences heard in the court on Tuesday, Buncrana Inspector David Murphy admitted that it was “a very challenging area to police”.

Buncrana is getting safer

However at a JPC meeting on Monday evening, Superintendent Kevin English claimed “Buncrana is getting safer”.

Speaking at the meeting Supt English announced that disorderly conduct in the town is down 10%.

He said he believed this was due to less people going out at night and many young people who may have been involved in the conduct have emigrated from the town.

Despite this, Judge Kelly expressed his concern.

Solicitor Paudge Dorrian said people gather from the different bars and nightclubs at the same time when they are leaving the pub and this often makes this difficult for Gardai.

Judge Kelly replied: “That’s what I’m worried about.”

At the JPC meeting Supt English revealed that assaults in the town were down 27 per cent from January to September this year compared to the same period last year.