Buncrana’s Mary takes to the airwaves to back Brady

IN the face of an onslaught of criticism a well known Inishowen Christian activist stood up for Cardinal Brady saying junior members of “any organisation” who knew of children being abused would not “squeal” to the police.

Buncrana woman Mary Doherty, a member of the Irish Christian Solidarity Party, was speaking on BBC’s Stephen Nolan Show on Wednesday where she defended Cardinal Sean Brady after it was revealed he had known of child abuse but failed to pass on the information to the Gardaí.

Mary said she agreed child abuse was “extremely sad” and explained why she did not believe the Cardinal had acted wrongly.

She said: “Fr Brady would’ve done what any organisation would’ve done. I was a nurse and if you’re a junior person in an organisation you are not going to go to the police. The very first person we’re told to go to is to our management and that’s where we go and we leave that up to the management.

“You wouldn’t go to the police no matter what’s happening because you are a junior person and you have to take that to management and you would not be looked on very kindly if you did, and you would be reprimanded by management if you did not go to them first and I believe that is what happened with Fr Brady.”

When asked if she did not believe there was a “moral necessity to speak out if you know a child is being abused” she responded: “Yes, yes, but that’s not what happens is it? It happens in families but who’s going to tell? Is the neighbour going to tell on them? I don’t think so, and I think that’s what happened and what is still happening.”