Buncrana’s Sequin Cinderella goes global

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A Buncrana woman is quickly becoming Inishowen’s top fashionista as she is attracting over 500 views on her popular blog every day.

Nicola McLaughlin’s The Sequin Cinderella is quickly gaining a lot of support both in her hometown of Buncrana and further afield as it has already attracted over 30,000 hits in just four months.

Set up in December, the blog is a style diary of Nicola’s life showing what she gets up through the eyes of her wardrobe.

“It was something I had always wanted to do,” explained the Buncrana girl. “I just love getting dressed up and putting outfits together and hearing people’s opinions on my style or styling so the blog allowed me to do this on a world wide scale.

“I detail what I am wearing and what I get up to whilst I’m wearing it. At the bottom of each post I include a list of each item and where they can be purchased for any reader that is interested in re-creating the look.”

She added: “I do a lot of collaborations for the blog with different retailers or designers which is a great benefit to them as it is basically an advertising outlet for them with links directly to their website.”

The Buncrana woman has been overwhelmed with the amount of support and followers her blog has received from people at home and abroad.

“I am in shock at how quickly the blog has become so popular. At the moment it is receiving on average 500 hits per day and that number is steadily growing. It is unbelievable and such a buzz to see the number of followers growing every day, so hopefully one day I can make it into a success worldwide and travel to major fashion events.

“I have a huge following from Inishowen which is amazing. It is nice to know that so many local people, not only support what I do but also thoroughly enjoy reading my blog. But what has surprised me the most however, is the huge following from all over the world. I have had offers of collaborations from as far away as Los Angeles, receiving items from many different companies worldwide to feature on the blog. I have also been invited to attend Belfast Fashion Week with VIP access to a preview of the collections on show.”

Like most girls, Nicola has always had a keen interest in fashion and attributes her mother as one of her biggest fashion icons.

“I was interested in fashion before I could walk or talk. I was surrounded by it my entire life, and my biggest inspiration came from my mum. She always had a huge interest in fashion herself and even owned several boutiques at a stage.

“I’ve watched every fashion TV show, read every magazine on the shelves and scoured every shop that I can get to. I am, and always have been, totally obsessed. Apart from that I have a degree in drama and love to perform, I also teach Zumba and I love to read and write.”

Despite the early success of the Sequin Cinderella blog, Nicola admits she was far from a technical genius when she started out.

“When I started I hadn’t got a clue about setting up a website, or how to personalise the blog site so it was a case of experimentation and trial and error. I was so determined to get it up and running and I wanted it to reflect my personality and my style so I literally sat for days upon days working at it. So if anyone else is thinking of starting one up, be prepared to work hard, it is very time consuming.

“In saying that I would not have a blog without the support of my Family, my boyfriend and my friends. They are by far my biggest fans and have even been roped in as my photographers on many occasions. They have been my rock and have encouraged me all along to follow my dreams and make it work.”

To keep up-to-date with the goings on in Nicola’s wardrobe visit The Sequin Cinderella on www.thesequincinderella.com or via follow her on the Sequin Cinderella page on facebook or twitter.