Bus service for Hawthorn needed - O’Hagan

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Sinn Féin Councillor Barney O’Hagan has called on Translink to extend the current bus service to include the Hawthorn estate.

Mr O’Hagan stated: “Residents living in Hawthorn Drive, Avenue and Grove in order to catch a bus must walk to either St Eithne’s school or Hazelbank.

“Hawthorn residents: children, elderly or infirm, and at times of inclement weather, either are forced to remain at home or travel by taxi which many can’t afford. It also rules out using public transport to go shopping, as many cannot carry the shopping the long distance from the bus stop to their homes.

“I am therefore calling on Translink to extend the route of their service to include this area so residents can have access to public transport close to their homes.

“I intend to arrange a meeting with local Translink management in order to put this case forward in the coming weeks”