Bushmills Master Class

Do you understand what makes a whiskey great? Well, now you can learn from the master at Becketts Bar this coming Thursday, April 14.

A unique evening hosted by Bushmills Brand Ambassador, Kevin Hurley, will be your opportunity to understand whiskey and discover the right whiskey for you.

Whisky lovers and novices alike can explore the tastes of the Bushmills whiskey family and compare to Scotch and other Irish whiskeys. Bushmills Irish Whiskey is made the same way today as they did over 400 years ago. Now discover the secrets behind the magic and what goes into every drop.

Get down early, 7:30pm, for some complimentary food on arrival. The master class begins at 8pm sharp. Becketts Bar, 24 Foyle Street, Derry. For further info, call us on: 71. 360066.