1,500 lay offs in Limavady since 2000 - figures

While not as grim as the figures for Derry, new Government statistics reveal there have been just over 1,500 layoffs in Limavady since the year 2000.

The figures show almost one in every 10 ‘confirmed’ redundancies across the North since January 2000 has been in the Derry area.

New government statistics point to more than 4,400 lay-offs in the district over this period.

The shocking number of redundancies in the Derry area since 2000 is brought into sharp focus when viewed in the context of redundancy levels in other areas of the North.

Whereas there were 4,443 ‘confirmed’ lay-offs in the Derry district over this period - that’s 9.6% of the overall total for the North (46,435) - there were only seven in the North Antrim district of Moyle.

The most up-to-date statistics - which are contained in the latest monthly labour market report published by the North’s Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) - record the distribution of confirmed redundancies by district council area.

In the last year alone, there have been 35 lay-offs in the Derry City Council district.

The largest number of lay-offs in the past 12 months has been in the Belfast area (442).

In comparison, over the same 12 month period, there were zero redundancies in the Antrim, Dungannon, Magherafelt and Moyle districts.

Over the latest twelve month period, there were a total of 4,142 proposed redundancies - an increase of 66% from the previous year (2,500).

Currently, there are 1,189 outstanding redundancies - that is, proposed but not confirmed - which is 9% higher than this time last year (1,089).

Meanwhile, in the neighbouring towns of Strabane and Limavady, the situation may not appear as bleak but, nonetheless, makes equally depressing reading.

In the Strabane district, since 2000, there have been 1,201 lay-offs with just over 1,500 in Limavady.

The Belfast City Council area tops the North’s redundancy league with just over 10,300 lay-offs - that’s 22% of the overall total for the North - between 2000 and last month. Meanwhile, Limavady remains in the top four of the North’s jobless chart. 8.7% of the Derry workforce are claiming benefits - that’s a rise of 3% on the previous month’s figure. In Strabane and Limavady 7.6% and 7.5% of its respective workforces are on the dole.