300 enquiries in 48 hours for 260 new luxury Derry homes!

An artists impression of one of the new homes.
An artists impression of one of the new homes.

Preparatory work has begun on a major new housing development of 260 houses in the Culmore area of Derry.

The development is the first major project in Derry since 2007 by Taggart Homes, which is also building 82 homes at Plantation View in Limavady, with 60 of those sold.

Signage was erected announcing the new homes over the weekend and Taggart Contracts Manager, Ryan Byrne, said interest over the past weekend has been incredible.

Mr Byrne said the homes will be constructed on two sites - one on either side of the Culmore Road in the vicinity of Culmore Point.

He said that all the homes will be to the same exacting standards as those being built at Limavady.

Speaking about the Culmore project, Mr Byrne said: “Preparations are taking place and construction will start either by the end of the year or beginning of next year.

“There will be a range of properties from starter homes through to luxury homes and bungalow.

“The properties are way over and beyond anything that has come before, with luxury fit-out with a full landscaping architect employed.

“We are leaving the buyers so they have absolutely nothing to do but move their furniture in. We are even supplying the garden hose and lawnmower.

“This is completely removed from anything that was done before. This is a mega step up. We are offering real top quality and luxurious fit out packages.

“Since we put up the sign in Culmore, within 48 hours we have had 300 queries,” he maintained. “I am only back from Australia myself and I have never seen anything like the fit out and finish on these homes.”

Mr Byrne said that interest had been so great that yesterday alone 75 people travelled from Derry to Limavady to inspect the showcases to get an idea of the type of properties will be coming to Culmore.

The first of the homes at Culmore, Mr Byrne went on, will be available to purchase from the Spring of 2016.

Taggart Homes have been responsible for many developments in Derry in the past and have constructed over 8,000 homes across Ireland and England since it was founded in 1989.

To find out more about the Culmore homes or to register your interest,go to: www.taggarthomes.com or e-mail Taggart Homes at: sales@taggarthomes.com