Anger over jobs leads to forum

Tommy Mullan.
Tommy Mullan.

A new Jobs Forum is to be set up in Derry amid widespread frustration over the lack of employment opportunities in the city.

Tommy Mullan from the Galliagh Residents Association- which plans to set up the forum on January 28th- said that politicians in Derry and beyond needed to be held to account over their record of achievement in terms of securing employment for the people they represent.

Mr Mullan said questions remain over the commitment and attitude of some of those in power towards bringing investment to the city.

He also hit out at those opposed to major retail developments proposed from various sites on the outskirts of Derry, saying these had the potential to bring hundreds, if not thousands of jobs.

Mr Mullan said: “We intend to set up the ‘Work For Derry Forum’ and we want to question those people we vote in to make sure they are doing their job.

“The representation from Derry has been very, very poor as far as jobs go, and the young people leaving school don’t have a chance.

“I think we have plenty of skilled and talented people here. What we haven’t got is the jobs for them. There can be no more excuses, Derry must be given a fair crack of the whip here.”

Mr Mullan said industrial estates throughout the west bank and even streets like Carlisle Road in the city centre had were half empty because there was little industry being secured.

Derry currently remains at the top of the unemployment register for Northern Ireland at 8.3%, followed closely by its new council partner, Strabane.