‘App’etite for healthy eating

�/Lorcan Doherty Photography - June 6th 2012. '''Photo Credit Lorcan Doherty Photography
�/Lorcan Doherty Photography - June 6th 2012. '''Photo Credit Lorcan Doherty Photography

Derry based entrepreneur Siobhan Kirrkamm is developing novel technologies aimed at addressing problems such as obesity and poor diet.

Siobhan’s ‘3square Healthy Eating’ application encourages the user to include the nine essential food groups within their three meals a day in order to achieve a healthy balanced diet.

3square is targeted for a range of users including the household shopper, the young professional or student, and encourages them to learn about maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

It is also an excellent tool for athletes and those looking to maximise their fitness regime through optimal nutrition.

Siobhan, a recent graduate from the M.Sc. in Design and Communications at the Magee Campus of the University of Ulster, came up with the idea of 3square when working on her Master’s dissertation.

Siobhan says: “Nutrition and diet are hot topics and have always been of interest to me. But I found through research for my university dissertation that people are too focused on dieting and calorie counting, as opposed to the basic nutritional needs and benefits of their diet.

“I felt it was important to bring this to light and offer a solution so that people could enjoy a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet and so, 3square was created.’

Siobhan secured support through the Creative Industries Innovation Fund (CIIF), run by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, to develop further the 3square concept.

Siobhan has also just secured support through C-TRIC’s Bioentrepreneur programme to explore how she might further develop her product range to address dietary management requirements within a healthcare context.

The Clinical Translational Research and Innovation Centre (C-TRIC) is Northern Ireland’s healthcare innovation hub developed to bring together academics, industry and clinicians to develop solutions to areas of unmet clinical need.

C-TRIC is based at the Altnagelvin Hospital campus, one of Northern Ireland’s largest acute hospital sites.

Barry Henderson, Business Development Manager at C-TRIC, says: ‘Siobhan is an excellent example of a local entrepreneur applying her knowledge and skills to address a real need within healthcare that could have a global impact in the future.’

Siobhan expects Version 1.0 of 3square to be available on the App Store by the end of June 2012.

C-TRIC’s unique infrastructure and key support staff facilitate clinical research and innovation, enabling the streamlining of developments from the laboratory to the market place through a focused ‘bench to point of care’ approach.