Black Friday: Employers count cost of shopping frenzy warn Derry’s HR Team

Breda Cullen, HR Team Managing Partner   Photo- Clive Wasson
Breda Cullen, HR Team Managing Partner Photo- Clive Wasson

Black Friday can be costly to business when employers don’t spell out internet policies to staff, say Derry-Donegal employment law experts HR Team.

Bargain hunters in Derry and Donegal will join millions of people across Ireland and the UK for tomorrow’s online buying frenzy.

Internet sales in the UK during a 24 hour clamber for bargains are expected to surpass £1bn for the first time.

E-bay has reported that it expects 9 million people in the UK to visit its website on Friday. In the Republic of Ireland it’s anticipated that shoppers will spend €100 million - €4m every hour.

The scale of the phenomenon could leave employers in Donegal and Derry among those counting the cost of millions of pounds in lost working hours, says HR Team - a local firm which provides employment law support across Ireland and UK

HR Team Managing Partner Breda Cullen says employers can take simple steps to avoid disruption to productivity resulting from working time internet misuse on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other day.

“The Black Friday buying frenzy has taken the UK and Ireland by storm in recent years and the phenomenon has placed the importance of workplace internet policy in sharp focus.

“Everyone loves a bargain and it’s very easy for people to get caught up in an online hunt for deals.

“Without hard and fast rules staff can often give into the temptation to scroll through cut-price offers, resulting in workplace productivity taking a nose dive.”

Ms Cullen adds: “Internet use is vital in business but steps must be taken by employers to avoid misuse.

“It’s important that robust policies are in place to govern internet use at work. These policies must then be clearly explained to ensure that each and every staff member is in no doubt of the rules and regulations.

“Monitoring staff use of the internet during working time is also an important tool for employers in ensuring effective performance management,” she explains.

Ms Cullen adds: “Regardless of the major event - whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the more traditional January sales - employers should safeguard the productivity of their operations by ensuring their internet polices are up to date.”

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