Bound for Boston closes after 21 years in business

The Bound for Boston, Waterloo Street, Derry. DER3314MC144
The Bound for Boston, Waterloo Street, Derry. DER3314MC144

One of Derry’s most popular bars, the ‘Bound for Boston’ has closed its doors after 21 years in business.

The Waterloo Street nightspot, famous for its live music, told patrons on a Facebook page: “Don’t cry that it’s over, be happy that it happened.”

Speaking yesterday, businessman Les Doherty, one of the pub’s owners, confirmed that the well known venue had ceased trading after more than two decades. He declined to comment further on news of the closure.

Gerry McCloskey, Chair of the Derry Vintners’ Association, said he was saddened to hear about the decision to close the well known pub, stressing that it was part of a more widescale problem in the city.

Mr. McCloskey said: “I’m very sorry to hear the news. “Les Doherty is one of the hardest working members of the Vintners’ Association and more than anything else it’s very annoying that we now have a situation where more people will be forced to sign on the dole.

“The struggle for publicans in Derry is that a lot of people are drinking at home and buying cheap drink elsewhere and only going to pubs at eleven or twelve at night by which point they don’t want to buy much more alcohol. The issue for people who own bars is that they still have very big overheads to meet with staff and entertainment, and it’s getting harder and harder when people aren’t spending money in bars.”

Mr. McCloskey, who runs the Monico Bar in the city centre added: “Waterloo Street is one of Derry’s most vibrant streets and it’s sad to see this happening after a pub has been in business for 21 years. It’s a sad loss and a stressful time for many publicans in the city who are trying to survive.”