Car clocking warning for would-be buyers

Unsuspecting would-be car owners are being warned about a rise in the ‘clocking’ of second hand cars.

Damien Doherty of the Trading Standards Service (TSS) says thousands of pounds are being added to the price of second-hand cars by dealers winding back the mileage clock.

He says in some cases cars are being clocked by as much as 100,000 miles and people who buy such vehicles are likely to encounter problems soon after purchase.

“TSS is receiving more complaints about clocked vehicles as well as identifying a large number of clocked vehicles as part of routine pro-active enforcement investigations.

“The cars are then clocked and offered for sale with false service histories that contain forged vehicle manufacturer service stamps entries in order to legitimise the incorrect mileage.”

The TSS has given advice to minimise the chances of buying a clocked car including making sure second-hand buyers see all relevant paperwork and buying from a reputable dealer.

“Rogue car sellers can buy the equipment to clock cars themselves for around £100. We would like to assure the public that Trading Standards will take all necessary steps to identify, investigate and prosecute anyone found to be defrauding the public,” Mr Doherty says.