Chamber President disappointed by Stephen Farrys’ comments on Magee

Gerry Kindlon from Londonderry Chamber of Commerce.
Gerry Kindlon from Londonderry Chamber of Commerce.
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Derry’s Chamber of Commerce President Gerry Kindlon has expressed his strong disappointment at comments by employment and learning minister Stephen Farry, suggesting that consideration of the expansion of the University of Ulster’s Magee campus is off the table for the foreseeable future.

“The expansion of the Magee campus is the single most important initiative for the regeneration of the economy of Derry-Londonderry,” said Gerry Kindlon. “It is absolutely obvious that more needs to be done to improve the economy of our city. We have the highest unemployment rate not just in Northern Ireland, but in the whole of the UK.

“The only economic initiative that has been proposed that would do much about the unemployment problem in our city is the expansion of Magee. That would create the skills needed for our local businesses to expand and would provide a direct economic stimulus through the spend of students and their families and in the construction phase of new building work.

“This obvious truth was made crystal clear in the One Plan for Derry-Londonderry. Political representatives need to ensure that the vision they signed-up to becomes a reality as a matter of urgency.

“We call on all our political representatives and all the political parties to work together to achieve the expansion of Magee. Our city has already waited far too long for Magee to achieve the size and status that our city needs. It is only by our political representatives working together, across party lines, that this long-held ambition can be achieved.”