Child poverty shock in Limavady

Shocking new statistics show the extent of child poverty in Limavady.

The figures from the Child Poverty Action Group, a member of the End Child Poverty Campaign (ECP), show in some areas of the borough more than 60% of children are currently living in poverty.

The shocking figures further reveal that two Limavady wards are among the worst in the stats for the North - 65% in Greystone and 55% in Coolessan. Glack has the lowest figure, with 16%.

Across Limavady 26% of children live in poverty.

Lynda Wilson, director of Barnardo’s in the north, says people must not forget that behind the statistics and figures “sit the most vulnerable children in society.”

She said politicians in the North need to do more to address the levels of poverty children are living in.

Alison Garnham, executive director of the ECP campaign, says the onus is on the government to adequately address child poverty.

“The Northern Ireland Assembly and Westminster Government must act urgently to prevent a rise in child poverty. Access to decent jobs for parents in Northern Ireland must be a priority and this means the public and private sector working together and investing for the future,” she says.