Council improves its environmental standing

Limavady Borough Council has dramatically improved its ranking in the ARENA Network Environmental Benchmarking Survey, progressing from Quartile 4 in 2009 to Quintile 2 in the most recent 2010 survey.

The ARENA Survey is Northern Ireland’s leading environmental benchmarking exercise and each year 250 organisations are invited by ARENA to take part, both private companies and public sector organisations.

“Each organisation answers a range of questions on issues relating to environmental management, environmental performance and assurance. ARENA reviews and scores the response and each organisation is ranked based on their score and placed in one of five quintiles, formerly referred to as quartiles,” said a spokesperson.

“The Survey plays an important role in helping organisations understand how they are developing in terms of their environmental management and performance and also allows them to benchmark how they compare to others in their sector and the wider business community.

The Benchmarking Survey has been a key driver for improving environmental standards in Northern Ireland. As well as the related environmental benefits, participants have benefitted from improved efficiencies, better legal compliance, decreased pollution and risk, and an increased competitive edge.”

Mayor of the Limavady Borough, Councillor Michael Carten, expressed his delight at the news of the Council’s improved ranking, “this demonstrates the commitment of Limavady Borough Council to develop its services and carry out its work as far as possible in an environmental friendly and sustainable way”, he said.