Council to seek meeting over blockages to major projects

SDLP Councillor Martin Reilly �/Lorcan Doherty Photography - 2nd June 2014
SDLP Councillor Martin Reilly �/Lorcan Doherty Photography - 2nd June 2014

Members of the Derry-Strabane Council are to seek a meeting with Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy amid concerns over major infrastructure projects across the region.

The idea was put forward by Derry SDLP Councillor Martin Reilly as part of a successful motion centred on the A5 and A6 road projects, plans for a new train station and the delayed railway upgrade.

During the monthly meeting of the council at the Guildhall. Colr. Reilly called on his fellow councillors to back the motion in recognition of the “high level of deprivation and unemployment affecting citizens in our district”.

He argued that adequate infrastructure was vital in addressing this and attracting investment and jobs.

“Given the range of projects under the remit of the DRD, this council seeks a meeting with the Minister to discuss these various critical projects and should this motion be adopted, it be circulated to neighbouring councils in Northern Ireland and to Donegal County Council requesting that they adopt a similar position.”

Mr Reilly said at the meeting about the delays to the rail projects: “We need to ask why other areas are getting invested in, why passengers have to travel on such a gorgeous route to end up at a station that is in such contrast to that journey.”

UUP Councillor Derek Hussey said that the private sector may have a role to play in developing infrastructure.

An amendment proposed by him, calling for better educational infrastructure, particularly at Magee, was incorporated into the motion.