Deer are causing damage says farmer

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A Derry farmer who claims damage caused by deer has cost him thousands of pounds says the animal population needs to be even more tightly controlled.

Cecil Pollock says deer have been responsible for destroying crops and trees on his lands in the years since they were introduced into the area around his Tamnaherin Road farm.

“Personally I would like to see all deer taken out of the area,” he told the ‘Journal’ this week.

“The damage they have caused to my crops and to trees I have planted runs into thousands of pounds,” he says.

Earlier this week, the ‘Journal’ reported claims that illegal hunters and poachers are threatening to wipe out the last remaining deer in woodland around Burntollet.

Local man Kevin Harkin, who introduced deer into the area around ten years ago and who has set up the online campaign group Deer Friends, claims there may now be as few as just five or six fallow deer left in Burntollet Woods.

But Mr Pollock says people need to understand the trouble caused to local farms by deer.

He says he is an advocate of legal and appropriate methods of controlling their numbers.

“There were no deer in this area ten years ago, now they just run right through, destroying everything in their path.”

“I have given people permission to shoot deer on my land - I have gone through the right channels and have got the right people to do it.

“People need to be aware that historically there has not been a deer population in this area, that they have been introduced,” he says.