Derry dole queue now hits a 12 year high

More people are currently on the dole in Derry than at any time since January 1999.

New government figures, released on Wednesday, show a total of 5,464 people, or 7.6% of the city’s working age population, are currently out of work - that’s a rise of 232 on the previous month.

The statistics further show the North West remains the North’s unemployment blackspot.

Derry has the highest rate of unemployment amongst the North’s 26 local councils, with Strabane second and Limavady third.

Over the past year unemployment in Derry has risen by 8.8%

Enterprise Minister, Arlene Foster says there are plans to help families cope with the pressures of unemployment.

“I am very aware of the pressures and strains that unemployment is placing on families throughout Northern Ireland. That is why, as part of the draft budget, we are working to introduce a Short-Term Employment scheme to help maximise employment opportunities.”

The government figures further reveal that unemployment in Derry is more than double the numbers out of work in Antrim, Castlereagh and North Down.