Derry game cracks Apple top 50

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A screen shot from Soul Grinder, developed in Derry

‘Soul Grinder’, the brainchild of developers Thomas McCloskey and Ryan McDermott, who founded Derry’s Zombiesaurus Games back in 2011, had its debut on the App Store in late August, breaking into the top 50 of Apple’s Arcade chart.

Described as a “hard as nails shooter where you face zombies, robots and punks across 3 worlds”, Soul Grinder is a homage to the “rewarding console and arcade games of their youth. “

Both are no strangers to the creative industries.

Thomas is an experienced indie artist having developed Mr. Blocko and GoldenEye 2D. Ryan’s history of commercial software development gave him the knowledge he needed but not the excitement he craved.

Soul Grinder is their first game available on the App Store and has already sold as far and wide as Lebanon and New Zealand.

Last year, at Derry’s CultureTECH festival the developers were described by innovation and creativity expert, Gregg Fraley, as “The poster children for digital Northern Ireland — passion, talent, and fearlessness.”

You can get much more info online at, and

Meanwhile, this year’s Culture TECH gets underway on September 9 and will host the special 24 hour Nintendo game jam, Game Craft, during which 100 leading developers will develop a new game specifically for the Wii U console.

Participating developers will have the opportunity to work on the new Nintendo Web Framework with additional hands on support provided for by Nintendo’s technical support experts and internal game evaluation will be conducted by a jury comprising of company experts.

Martin Buchholz, Manager of Nintendo’s developer relations and support in Europe said: “Nintendo Web Framework makes Wii U more accessible for developers, as you can create Wii U software only using HTML5 and JavaScript.

“I believe it is a rather interesting environment for a 24-hour game jam.”

Martin added: “CultureTECH is going to be an amazing festival and we are proud to take part in this special event.”

CultureTECH Festival Director, Mark Nagurski said “having Nintendo involved is a real coup for the festival.”

GameCraft, will be held on September 13 and 14 as part of this year’s CultureTECH Festival.

Anyone interested in participating should register online at