‘Derry is losing the very best of its youth’ claim

Brian Little/ Presseye.com
Brian Little/ Presseye.com

Some of Derry’s most senior trade unionists have issued a stark warning over the amount of young people leaving the city in the midst of the current economic crisis.

The comments were made as the Derry Trade Unions Council held it’s AGM on Thursday evening.

Veteran Trade Unionist Liam Gallagher use the meeting to focus on the ongoing issue of emigration.

He said: “Although the Culture Year created positivity and a feel good factor it did little to impact on our deteriorating unemployment and economic inactivity levels. The fact is that we are losing the best of our youth who are leaving in numbers to find a future. The Derry Trades Union Council will continue to highlight our unemployment levels and challenge our politicians to press for investment and remedial measure to give workers hope.”

Mr. Gallagher appealed to the public to get behind the upcoming Mayday rally which will take place in the city which he said will have the defence of the Housing Executive as its theme. He said greater public involvement is crucial if the economic fortunes of the city are to change.

Guest speaker Brian Campfield from NIPSA in his address spoke about what he described as the impasse in the Assembly where he said politicians are trapped by their respective constituencies and unable to give the leadership needed to move society here forward.

Mr. Campfield, in his speech, referred to some of the campaigns which NIPSA and other unions have successfully engaged in ranging from Local Authorities, Health, Education, The Housing Executive, the D.V.A. jobs in Coleraine and particularly the fight to save Department of Pensions jobs in Derry.

An incoming officer board for 2014 was elected at Thursday’s AGM with Eileen Webster elected chairperson, Liam Gallagher, Treasurer and Daisy Mules as secretary.