Donal helps others ‘engage’ with business

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A pioneering online training company, Donal Doherty Engage, aims to help photographers throughout Ireland and abroad “to create a business and life they love”.

Subscribers benefit from a new video tutorial every two weeks with content ranging from advice on planning and setting up business, social media marketing and branding and exclusive interviews with world-renowned photographers.

Derry man Donal worked in marketing and public relations for leading super brands, before making a career change four years ago to follow his passion for photography.

In 2013, he approached the Business Opportunities Programme through Derry City Council and they funded a consultant, Lara Goodall, to help apply for funding from Invest NI. A number of companies in the photography industry supported the project as sponsors. Stephen Baugh, CEO of New Zealand based Queensberry Albums - the primary sponsor - says: “We are very excited to be sponsoring Donal in his new venture, which has such synergy with our own mission - to support our photographer partners worldwide in building a creatively and financially fulfilling life from their passion for beautiful images.” Donal says: “I believe that being a photographer is one of the best jobs in the world and if you structure your business in the right way you can also enjoy an amazing life outside of work. Engage will help thousands of photographers around the world to live the life of their dreams while following their passion.”